MA Luxe, Haute Couture and exceptional clothing (2 years)

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Training in 2 years.

Required qualities: hand intelligence, logic, speed, precision, good vision of space.

Admission: Advanced level

Place limited to 6 students

A mandatory internship of at least 4 months is required at the end of the2nd year.

Examination and jury in June(1st year) and September(2nd year).

Establishment and diplomas not recognised by the French Community of Belgium



  • Students who have successfully completed the DS in styling/modeling provided by lamaisondistdouture.
  • people who have already completed training in design/modeling/sewing at another school/university sanctioned by a diploma.
  • to anyone who can attest to an advanced level of qualifications in the areas covered by the MA namely styling, modelling and sewing.

MA Luxe, Haute Couture and exceptional clothing offers training focused on the design and technology used in the manufacture of exceptional women’s clothing and “tailored” clothing.


Introducing II

Introducing II

The program offers students the opportunity to improve their skills in the following areas:

Sewing techniques and embellishments,

Construction of complex clothing.

Knowledge of the world of Haute Couture and luxury clothing.

The program consists of 5 sequential courses, offered over four semesters;

Admission to the program requires prior knowledge of sewing and clothing.

Graduates of this program can be employed by luxury clothing brands, designers and tailors, or work as entrepreneurs in their own fashion houses.

This MA program is limited to 6 students.

The courses are largely practical and given in the workshop.

The program includes:

  • Techniques Haute Couture

  • Decorative techniques and embellishments

  • Construction and technology

  • Knowledge and codes of Haute Couture

  • Haute Couture Styling

  • Portfolio

Introducing III

Introducing III

As part of the MA, the student designs and creates 3 exceptional silhouettes (cocktail, evening wear and wedding) as well as 6 imposed projects. The free silhouettes are made in standard Haute Couture size (T36).

In March of the2nd year, the student is invited to present his creations in a school showroom during the Paris fashion week (fashion week). A scenography of the collection, the shooting of the models as well as a professional portfolio completes his work.

From March, students complete a mandatory internship of at least 4 months.

The course of Decorative Techniques and embellishment is taught by professionals of Metiers d’art who present their techniques; they may consider it appropriate to organize a hands-on workshop around a particular technique. The other courses are given in the workshop, with the professors succeeding each other as the projects progress, depending on the needs of each student;

Apart from seminars where students carry out the same project imposed, each student works his own creations and benefits from an individualized follow-up adapted to his professional project and his expectations.

The construction and technology course articulates the students’ work around a research work on bust, volume and its translation into flat-cut.



1st year

In September: Visit of the Chanel parurier in the Desrues region

October to February

The Cocktail Universe and Ceremony

Seminar 1: The Chanel Jacket

Seminar 2: The Little Black Dress

Cocktail Personal Project

In February visit the trade show1st Vision, exhibition park in Paris

March to June

The Evening wear Universe

Seminar 1: the strapless dress in large volume

Seminar 2: the satin crepe dress with drapery

Personal project

June to September: non-compulsory internship in a fashion house

In September, visit of lace manufacturers in Caudry and Valenciennes

2nd year

October to March

The World of Bridal wear

Seminar 1: wedding dress with embroidered and/or beaded lace/tulle inlay

Seminar 2: the chiffon wedding dress

Personal project

From April,a mandatory internship of a minimum of 4 months in a fashion house.

September: graduation and graduation jury.



Fill up the applicationform


  1. Attach to the application form a cover letter written in English or French describing the reasons why the candidate chose this field of study,

what are his/her expectations of this training and what do he/she think are his/her abilities to succeed in this field;


2. Attach a copy of a piece of identification and a recent photo.


Return the entire file to the following address by mail only:


Lamaisondecouture – Admissions – 211 Auguste Reyers Blvd – 1030 Brussels


Note: Unselected files will not be returned.



Following the review of application files by the teaching team, candidates who have not obtained a prior degree in design/modelling will be invited to participate in a test day.

In view of the results obtained, candidates will be invited to undergo a personal interview that will focus on the motivation and professional project of the candidate.


In the event that the candidate’s level was deemed insufficient to directly integrate the MA, the option of integration into the 2nd or 3rd year of DS may be proposed.

Price and conditions

Price and conditions

Tuition fees:

par an: 8300 euro


It is possible to pay the tuition fees monthly after a first down payment of 2000 euros, to be paid before the start of the courses.


Registration is annual.

Any year that has begun is due.


Tuition fees are paid in cash or by transfer upon registration.

Registration is conditional on the signing of a study contract between the teacher, the student and the person in charge of the registration (parent, tutor, etc.).


For a payment of the entire tuition fee at the time of registration, a discount of about 10% is granted (7400 euros);

The management reserves the right to cancel registration in case of insufficient participation (less than 4 students). Management also reserves the right to change the training schedule at any time.

Classes take place at 211 Boulevard Auguste Reyers, 1030 Brussels.