MA Luxury and Haute Couture

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Training in 2 years.

Required qualities: hand intelligence, logic, speed, precision, good vision of space.

Admission: Advanced level

Place limited to 6 students

A mandatory internship of at least 4 months is required at the end of the2nd year.

Examination and jury in June(1st year) and September(2nd year).

Establishment and diplomas not recognised by the French Community of Belgium



The program offers students the opportunity to improve their skills in the following areas:


  • sewing techniques and embellishments


  • construction of elaborated clothing.

It is opened in priority:

  • students who have successfully completed an Undergraduate program in Fashion Design.


  • to anyone who can attest to an advanced level of qualifications in the areas covered by the MA namely styling, draping and sewing.

Access is conditional on the successful completion of an admission test.
It is limited to 8 students.



A genuine Haute Couturedressmaking workshop – – focused on the special projects;


A workshop – Styling, patternmaking and draping– focused on the design, and the realization by draping or flat cutting of complex clothes.

Below is the indicative programme for 2022/2023



1.Techniques around embroidered or sequined tulle with re-application of embroidery elements on invisible tulle and tulle finishing techniques.


2. Techniques around the realization of organza clothing pieces and organza finishes.

3.Techniques around the inlay of a lace or guipure in a crepe model.


4. Techniques around the evening dress mounted on a bustier base




5. Techniques around the drape (draped on bust)


6. End-of-year lace project



Start : Early October 2022 – End of classes: June 2023

Tuition fees are 4.800 EUR per year (4.500 + 300 EUR registration fee)


Bank details:

  • ING : IBAN BE07 3101 9407 5666 BIC BBRUBEBB

They are to be settled as follows:

  • 300 EUR + 1,500 EUR or 1,800 EUR (first third of the fee) when registering,
  • 1.500 EUR (second third of the fee) for 30 June
  • 1.500 EUR (third third of the fee) for 15 September



  • The school does not accept cheques. Tuition fees must be paid to the school’s bank account. For international transfers, bank charges are the responsibility of the client
  • The tuition fees remain as announced at the time of registration during the full program (except for repeaters of 1st year if the price were to increase) unless inflation were to exceed 5% annually in which case these fees would be indexed.
  • As the number of pupils admitted to enrolment each year is limited, full tuition fees are due even in the event of abandonment or exclusion from classes.