DS Higher Diploma in Fashion Design/Model Making (3 years)

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A training focused on the world of Luxury and Haute Couture


Theoretical, artistic and technical training within the same course program


The use of exceptional fabrics (satin crepe, lace, gazar ..)


Training in the different professions of fashion? which internships in which companies?


The strong point of our school: its pedagogy


Registration fees? admission procedure? Direct admission in the 2nd year


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or download the registration form and send it back by email to: info@lamaisondecouture.beor by post to: lamaisondecouture, 211 Boulevard Auguste Reyers, 1030 Brussels.


The Strengths of our school

The Strengths of our school

Firstly, while many schools are content to “guide” students in their work, our school has a real technical and artistic education program.

Second, for each subject taught, the course consists of a foundation of theory, practical exercises, and tutorials.

Finally, at the end of each semester the teachers ensure that the teachings are assimilated.

Course Content

Course Content

Year 1

  • History of fashion and historical costume (the Western costume)
  • Art history
  • Culture and visual media
  • Drawing & study of the living model
  • Fabrics
  • Patronage and Couture initiation
  • Environmental issues
  • Fashion economy and marketing /Luxe:
  • Draping
  • DAO/Illustrator
  • English and terminology

2nd year

  • Fashion design
  • Flat cut
  • Draping
  • Specialized sewing (1st semester: rigid type 1 fabrics: taffetas, fault etc.)
  • Specialized sewing (2nd semester) type 2 fabrics (lace, tulle, organzas)
  • Drawing
  • Dao
  • The textile and apparel industry in globalization
  • Fashion capitals
  • Fashion métiers d’arts
  • Marketing and digital communication: issues, methods and strategies


  • Distribution changes in the digital age
  • Dressmaking with type 3 fabrics: fluids type crepes
  • Fashion design
  • Patronage/Flat Cup
  • Draping
  • Drawing
  • DAO/Illustrator
  • Fashion métiers d’arts
  • May to September: Compulsory end-of-studies internship of a minimum of 4 months

Luxury and Haute Couture

Luxury and Haute Couture

1st Exceptional fabrics


That is to say rich by the quality of the fibers and the complexity of the weaving.

2nd hand work



Haute Couture and Marriage involve hand work and craftsmanship that are essential to the success of projects.

The DS aims to provide the student with the theoretical and practical bases essential to the creation of his Collections of Wedding Dresses or Evening Dresses.

It is at the heart of the MA Luxe et Haute Couture which is the culmination of our training cycle.

Fashion professions

Fashion professions

The modeller

He/she gives shape and volume to the design imagined by the stylist;

The Haute Couture technician

He works in a Haute Couture or prototype workshop (unlike the production workshop whose work is mechanized) Often he specializes in the work of a material or a type of clothing (lingerie, tulle, lace)

The manager of a fashion house

He is a conductor; he/she synthesizes all the professions and completes his/her training in sales, marketing and public relations.

Haute Couture fabrics

Haute Couture fabrics



Training, yes, but what for?


Our training, to be effective, must be complemented by experiences in companies

What are internships used for?


Internships are mainly used to discover the reality of the trades;

they are mainly used to orient oneself

towards which profession?

Am I more of a technician? a creati(f)ve?


The school offers personalized support for the search for internships.

Several companies have already welcomed our interns:






Admission procedure

Admission procedure

Complete the application form

1. Attach to the application form a cover letter written in French or English outlining the reasons why the candidate chose this area of study,

what he or she expects for this training and what he/she thinks its abilities are to succeed in this area.


2. Attach a copy of a piece of identification and a recent photo.


3. Return the entire file to:

Lamaisondecouture – Admissions – 211 Auguste Reyers Blvd. – 1030 Brussels.

Note: Unselected files will not be returned.


Direct gateway in 2nd year

Direct gateway in 2nd year


Candidates who:

  • have already taken a course in dressmaking, pattern making or
  • have skills in the above areas

may attempt to be admitted directly in the 2nd year of DS.

To do this, they must participate in a day of tests that will aim to validate their skill level.

Applicants who have not been selected will be invited to register in the first year.

Price and conditions

Price and conditions

6450 euros per year


5800 euros per year

(if payment of 100% of the fee upon registration)

Registration is annual.



Terms of payment for a monthly payment:


Payment of a deposit of 1500 euros upon registration


9 payments of 550 euros


Classes take place at 211 Boulevard Auguste Reyers, 1030 Brussels.