DS in Fashion Design, pattern making and Sewing (2 years)

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lamaisondecouture, 211 Boulevard Auguste Reyers, 1030 Brussels.


MA Luxury & Haute Couture 1 year

Training in 2 years.

Required qualities: hand intelligence, logic, speed, precision, good vision of space.

Admission: Advanced level

Place limited to 6 students

A mandatory internship of at least 4 months is required at the end of the2nd year.

Examination and jury in June(1st year) and September(2nd year).

Establishment and diplomas not recognised by the French Community of Belgium

Specialized courses

Summer courses

Price of training


Isabelle Cattelat
Isabelle Cattelat
Fabienne Thomas
Jessica Rousseau
Svetlana Kiseolova
Alphonsine Ingabire