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The degree in fashion design, patternmaking and sewing is a 2 year programme of training.

The degree in fashion design, patternmaking and sewing offered by lamaisondecouture is a training programme that is aimed at beginners.


It is a two years; however, it can be achieved in one year if certains cases.

If you want to professionalize yourself in the profession of fashion designer, pattern maker, or dressmaker, and discover the various aspects of the profession, the DS in fashion design, patternmaking and sewing is made for you.



lamaisondecouture is the only fashion school exclusively dedicated to the creation of models for evening and bridal wear.

Do not wait any longer and discover the content of our program.




Main subjects taught:


Learning pattern and molding: design of 3D models, flat cutting, molding .

A set of learnings entitled ” Knowledge of Clothing”which includes:


Learning around the notion of creation, inspiration and more generally around the development of creative faculties : sense of proportion, volumes, color, research

Learning technical drawing applied to the world of fashion (flat areas and representation of details + technical sheets) freehand and on computer.


Learning around the fashion world and the history of costume.

Learning around fabrics and textiles in general.



Sewing techniques include: the skirt, the shirt, the dress, the pant, the top, the knitted garnment, the lace dress, the crepe dress, the bustier.

Les cours sont dispensés à raison de 3 demi-journées par semaine.

  • The program also provides for the equivalent of a minimum of 6 hours of personal work per week.
  • All classes take place during the day.

  • Students participate in the Salon international 1er vision (trade show around fabrics, accessories, leather and clothing manufacture) which is held in Paris every year in February (spring / summer) and / or September (autumn / winter).

1st year

Sewing and patternmaking classes are taking place Monday and Wednesday mornings

Fashion design and knowledge of garnment are taking place on Friday afternoon


In the first year, students complete the 1st module which includes the skirt, the sleeveless dress and the blouse and the pant.

2nd year

Sewing and patternmaking classes are taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays afternoon


In the second year, students complete the 2nd module which includes knitted clothing, bustier and evening dress.

If their level allows it, some students can be directly admitted to the 2nd year.


A level test is carried out at the beginning of the year (in September)



Students who have successfully completed the assignments required in the above program may decide to deepen their knowledge by participating in the MA Luxury et Haute Couture

The MA Luxe et Haute Couture is a professional cycle of specialization in Haute Couture;

It includes teachings in patronage and sewing at the higher level.




Les frais de scolarité sont de 5500 EUR par an et sont à régler comme suit :

  • 1500 EUR (Acompte) upon registration
  • 8 installments of 500 EUR per month to be payed from November to June though banking order.

Bank details of lamaisondecouture

ING: 363-0681393-08 –

IBAN: BE63363068139308 – BIC: BBRUBEBB


For international payments, the transfer fees are the responsibility of the student.

Registration fees: this amount covers general administrative costs as well as the individual insurance taken out by the school in the event of an accident on the school grounds.




En Belgium, private schlool are not authorized to deliver state diplomas.


The course offered by lamaisondecouture is equivalent to a professional course organised around a two-year basic course which can be completed by a one-year specialisation course in Haute Couture


  • Lamaisondecouture does not accept cheques. Tuition fees must be paid to the school’s bank account. For international transfers, bank charges are the responsibility of the client.
  • The tuition fees remain as announced at the time of registration during the full program (except for repeaters of 1st year if the price were to increase) unless inflation were to exceed 5% annually in which case these fees would be indexed.
  • As the number of students admitted to enrolment each year is limited, full tuition fees are due even in the event of abandonment or exclusion from classes.



Fill up the applicationform

Attach to the application form a letter of motivation written in French or English describing the reasons why the candidate chose this field of study, what his or her expectations are with regard to this training and what he/she believes his/her ability to succeed in this field are.

Attach to the above documents a fileallowing to apprehend the personal universe of the candidate ; this file may include the following elements (as an indication): collages of images and texts, videos, photographs of personal creations, ranges of colors, materials, styles…

Attach a copy of an ID and a recent photo.


Return the entire file to the following address :

Lamaisondecouture – Admissions – 211 Auguste Reyers Blvd – 1030 Brussels



In Belgium, individual insurance is mandatory.

Therefore, the student must register for the individual insurance (called mutual insurance in Belgium) of his choice.

In the event of a health problem, he can then consult a doctor and be reimbursed a large part of the medical expenses incurred.


Foreign students from the E.U.E. will first contact the social security institution of their country (European card) and then a Belgian mutual insurance company of their choice.

Medical expenses will be reimbursed directly without delay. Only a mandatory additional contribution is required.



Candidates who:

  • have already taken a course in dressmaking, pattern making or
  • have skills in the above areas

may attempt to be admitted directly in the 2nd year of the diploma.

To do this, they must participate in a day of tests that will aim to validate their skill level.

Applicants who have not been selected will be invited to register in the first year.