Sewing and Patronage

New training in 1 year – 6 hours per week

From 10 October 2022 to 30 June 2023

180 hours


2 levels: elementary or advanced!


Elementary level: for those who already have notions of sewing but who wish to learn patternmakingand sewing in the rules of the art for a professional result! Focused on simple clothing such as skirts, dresses and blouses or tops;


Advanced level: for those who have good notions of pattern making and know how to sew simple pieces but want to go further! The tailor jacket, the Chanel jacket, the evening dress in silk crepe or embroidered tulle or lace.


Below is more information about the program and conditions.



Elementary level


This course allows you to learn to sew in the rules of the art all the simple models in the field of flou, skirts, dresses and blouses. The program combines imposed models and exercises to be carried out at home

Skirt (5 courses):

Darts, single zip, edge-to-edge slot with inlaid lining and tabbed corners, cross belt with hooks (4 courses)



Long shirt (7 courses) / learning: slot of the bottom of the sleeve, wrist, and mounting of the sleeve on the armhole, buttoning tab, mounting of the yoke, collar, buttonholes, curved hem, chest pocket;


Jersey project (4 courses) / learning: overlook sewing, sewing with laminettes, finishing edges.

Pants (7 courses) / learning: braguette, Italian pocket, shaped wistband with passers-by and lining.



Free project : The student carries out both patternmaking and the assembly of a lined model in a rigid fabric to be choosen in a selection of proposed models by the school (7 courses)





Being autonomous in patronage is really the dream of any seamstress: to finally be able to finally make the pattern of the models that we are about to sew from A to Z, that’s freedom; but it’s all about method and it is this method that this course proposes to teach through numerous studies of models and concrete cases of dresses, skirts and tops;


Below is the complete program of the course

Upgrading the skirt and bodice pattern basis (1 course)


Model studies around the skirt


Model study 1: the straight skirt

Model study 2: the flared skirt

Model study 3: the circle skirt,

Model study 4: the skirt with yoke…) – (4 courses)


The jersey base and its sleeve (2 courses)


Model studies around the dress (3 courses)

Model study: the straight dress

Model study: the trapeze dress

Model study: the flared dress


Placket (1 course)


Theory about darts (2 courses)




Study of the enlargements of the bodice with its sleeve (3 courses)


Single collars and neckline shapes (3 courses)


Model study: Personnal project (3 courses) evening dress in rigid fabric.


The base of the pants (3 courses)


Model study: pants (2 courses)


Model study: the blouse (3 courses)






a very diverse programme of COUTURE projects, which focuses on the work of materials known to be complex such as tweed, satin crepe, lace;


Lace project (5 courses)



Evening dress in crepe: (6 courses)

Tailoring: thetailor jacket : the example of the Armani jacket(7 courses)


Chanel jacket : the example of the famous Chanel jacket (6 courses)

A personnal project:


The student realizes the pattern and assembly of a model in fluid fabric such as crepe or fabrics such as tulle or lace to choose from a selection of models proposed by the school – excluding muslin (6 courses)





In patronage, the jacket is in the spotlight but also the pants, the coat, theevening dress and the wedding dress

Review of the basis (1 course)


Model study of an oversize dress with fluid fabric sleeves (2 courses)


Model study of a wool overshirt with checks(3 courses)


Model study of a jersey dress (2 courses)


Study of a flared dolman pants combi (2 courses)


Kabir cape coat (3 courses)


Silk blazer model study (4 courses)

Vest/cape model study (3 courses)

Personnal project model study (6 courses)

Model study of a evening or bridal model in viscose (fluid fabric) (4 courses)



Prices and terms of payment:


3600 TTC / deposit 600 Euros + 2 payments of 1500 / semester


Paper scissors, sewing needles n.5-9, fine metal-headed pins, a tape meter, black sewing thread nr 50, thread to sneak, a cutter, one or more pencils, a notebook, an aristo square and a ruler, a camera.